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  • - A comprehensive database of references on acupuncture.


  • - Acupuncture referral service with a large directory for acupuncture.



  • Alternative Medicine Foundation- AMFI is a nonprofit organization.


  • Alternative Medicine Magazine- Online magazine.


  • American Journal of Chinese Medicine


  • Blue Poppy Books- Publisher of books and educational products about Chinese medicine.


  • Chinese Medical Journal-Medical journal for published articles about  oriental medicine.


  • Chinese Medicine Directory


  • Chinese Medicine Times- Online journal for healthcare professionals.


  • Institute for Traditional Medicine- non-profit organization in Portland, OR.


  • Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine- Publisher of peer-reviewed journals.


  • Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • TCM Advisory- Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Taiji, Qigong.


  • The Standing Post- School of Tai Chi Chuan located in Saint Augustine, Florida


  • Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health

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