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  • What is acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body, most often with a needle penetrating the skin,

      to alleviate pain or to treat various diseases.

  • Does it hurt?

    Acupuncture rarely 'hurts'. The most that people experience is a dull ache around the base of the inserted needle, or a slight tingling feeling when the needle is inserted. Acupuncture needles are 25-50 times thinner than a hypodermic needle. They are so thin that several acupuncture needles can go into the middle of a hypodermic needle.

  • Are needles safe?

    Acupuncture needles are almost hair-thin and have a solid core. They are sterile and disposable, so there is no risk of infection. A needle is used only once, and then it is disposed.

  • How long is the treatment?

    Generally, your first visit is longer than your follow-up visits (about one hour). After the initial questioning and the checking of your pulse and tongue, your practitioner will form a diagnosis, treatment plan and begin the acupuncture treatment.


  • How many times I need to come?

    After the first 2-3 treatments, your acupuncturist should have a good understanding of your condition and be able to offer you a reasonable idea of how many treatments you will need.

  • Do you take credit cards?


The needles are left in place for twenty to forty minutes. Most people find the experience extremely relaxing and uplifting and even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment.

  • What is the best way to schedule an appointment?

    Via email or phone

  • Do you accept insurance?

    We accept out of network insurance as payment, provided acupuncture is covered by the insurance plan.  We will need the insurance information and date of birth in order to verify insurance coverage.

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